Day 3: A pint…or 2 of Guinness!

I must say that I was a bit more excited for Day 3 to come along than any other day so far in Dublin. Day 3 was our introduction to the most well known alcoholic beverages Ireland has to offer: Guinness and Jameson Whiskey!

And our first stop was the Guinness Storehouse!

We chose to be early birds and go to the Storehouse before 11:00am because of a special online price and because we wanted to beat the crowds. Regular tickets are €20 per person, if you purchase at the Storehouse itself. If you do this, you risk waiting in a long line up, depending on what time of day you go, of course, and wasting precious time that you could be using to explore the Storehouse!

On our way to Guinness

If you purchase tickets online, you have a choice between purchasing a regular ticket or an early bird ticket. The regular tickets are discounted 10%, so they are €18.  The early bird tickets, which we opted for, were a lovely discounted price of €14.40! They have to be redeemed before 11:30am, but for us this was perfect because we ended up spending a few hours in the Storehouse. We definitely recommend getting there early. With this online ticket, you also get to enter through the fast track queue and, of course, a complimentary pint of Guinness!

The Guinness Storehouse Gates

*Disclaimer: At this time, we aren’t sure if these early bird tickets were summer only deals. Visiting the Guinness Storehouse website right now, there are no early bird tickets available. Even so, we recommend purchasing your tickets online!*

So Day 3 started with a brisk walk to the Guinness Storehouse! As we mentioned before, we were staying at Barnacles Hostel in Temple Bar and so our walk to Guinness wasn’t supposed to take long, approximately 24 minutes to be exact, according to google maps. Lo and behold, we missed a left turn and after going down a hill, climbing back up a hill and finally seeing the signs on the road – we found our destination!

The Storehouse itself is built inside the St. James Gate Brewery and is 7 levels worth of interactive Guinness history intertwined with that of Ireland. The brewery’s atrium and 7 levels make up the world’s largest pint glass!

7 Levels of Excellence

It’s actually architecturally amazing being able to see all 7 levels from the ground floor. In 1997, it was decided to turn the “Hop store” into what is now the Storehouse. The Storehouse itself was opened in its current form in 2000. Since then it has continued to transform into the building we see today.


Brewing Guinness 🙂

Each of the 7 levels has a piece of Guinness history. I won’t go into intense details of what the 7 levels have to offer because you really have to experience it yourself. But we will give you some interesting tips on what is worth doing and what isn’t ;).

The 9000 Year Lease

On the first floor, you’ll be able to view the 9000 year lease that Arthur Guinness signed on the brewery site! It’s actually pretty amazing being immortalized in the floor of the Storehouse. From there on, you are given free rein to explore as you want!

You embark on a journey of how the Guinness is made, spending time learning about:

  • The Guinness brewing story on how Guinness is produced

What goes into making Guinness

Key Ingredient: Water

  • Arthur Guinness’ story and how Guinness was transported

Sir Arthur Guinness!

  • The unique art of Guinness advertising

One Advertising Campaign: Toucans!

Another Lovely Art Piece: Time for Guinness!

On top of this, you get a mini taste of Guinness, before your complimentary pint:

Then, you can either pour your own pint of Guinness or get a pint at the Gravity Bar!

We recommend going to the Guinness Academy and pouring your own pint! This way you learn how a proper pint is poured and will know how to pour your own from then on. You also get a certificate that you are a master at pouring Guinness. Definitely something worth putting on your resume ;).

The Guinness Academy

Also do not be afraid that if you pour your pint at the Academy, you have to drink it there. You are actually able to pour your own pint and then take it up to the Gravity Bar and marvel at the amazing views of Dublin.

View from the Rooftop Bar

After learning how to pour a proper pint of Guinness, we wandered up to the Gravity Bar. We were glad we poured our own pints because the bartenders were in such a hurry that they were clearly pouring the glasses quickly. People were also taking their pints before they had a chance to settle (you’ll know what this means once you get your certificate) not knowing that the pint wasn’t ready yet! So, we definitely recommend learning how to pour your own!


Carved pint of Guinness

Also, do not overlook the opportunity to take as many funny pictures as you can on the advertising floor. Guinness has some pretty famous and spectacular advertising campaigns and here you get a chance to meet some of their Guinness characters. Clearly we had no problem fooling around a bit:

Fooling around on the Advertising Floor

In terms of food, we decided to have lunch at the Brewer’s Dining Hall. We had a delicious soup and our first taste of Guinness bread. It was delicious – warm soup is always perfect for a cloudy day! Another recommendation when visiting.

Overall, we were so thrilled with our experience that we just had to buy some souvenirs from the not-so-tiny gift shop! We couldn’t believe how much Guinness merchandise they had, from shirts, hats, keychains and magnets to Guinness pint glasses, Guinness chocolate, Guinness chips and, of course, specialty beer only available here. There really is something for everyone!

The Guinness Storehouse was one of the highlights of our trip! It was so much fun and it appeals to people of all ages! It definitely brought out the Irish in us 🙂

Good bye Guinness 😦

Now that we have visited the Guinness Storehouse, it was time to make our way to the Jameson Whiskey Distillery Museum!

Stay tuned for our next post and Ireland’s best known Whiskey!

From Vancouver with Love,

Ioana and Natalie

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