Day 3: To Jameson or not to Jameson? To Jameson!

So as you all know by now, day 3 had become our Taste-the-Drinks-of-Ireland day!

Moving on from The Guinness Storehouse, we made our way towards the Old Jameson Distillery on Bow Street (just off Smithfield Square). We were a bit too excited to be trying the famous Jameson Whiskey and finally seeing where it came from…Ireland and its pub culture seems to do this to you!

The old distillery is tucked away and very inconspicuous in its location. It wasn’t too hard to find, even after a pint or two of Guinness, but definitely pay attention to street signs and your map because you may just walk past it!

Again, we pre-purchased our tickets online, and this is what the Jameson website recommends as well. You get to choose what package you want, and they have several, and what time you want to do your tour. The regular price for an Adult walk in is €15.00 BUT if you purchase your tickets online in advance you get a 10% discount, making the ticket €13.50! A good deal in my opinion – seeing as you get a 50 min guided tour and it ends with a tasting of the famous whiskey itself.

The location itself is a museum, seeing as the actual distillery is now located in Cork, but this was the original site of Jameson Whiskey – when John Jameson set it up in 1780. The distillery continued to grow up to a whopping 5 acres in 1886, becoming a “city within a city.” The Whiskey business fell upon hard times after that point and underwent many changes to become what it has today!

This experience was very similar to the one we had at Guinness, the only difference is that here the tour is guided. Our guide was very enthusiastic and witty, keeping us interested at every turn. I won’t explain too much seeing as you get most of this info at the beginning of the tour!

Of course, you also get to know how the Whiskey is made, distilled and what the difference is between a double or triple distilled product! And oh, what a difference it makes 😉

After going through the different levels of the historical building and seeing all the different steps of making Jameson, we came to the end of our tour: the tasting! We were given three options and told to take a guess as to what brand of Whiskey/Whisky each one was:

I am not quite a whiskey drinker myself, but strangely enough of all the three samples, the only one that appealed to me was the Jameson! If you’ve never tasted it before, the best way to describe it from my perspective is that it is a bit smoother than other whiskeys and it has less of an oaky-wood aftertaste.

After learning the difference between Jameson and other whiskeys, we also got a chance to enjoy a final tasting. At the bar, you can either get a Jameson on the rocks OR you can get a “Jameson, Ginger and Lime“. We… opted for the Gingerale and we were pleasantly surprised! I loved it! It definitely became a drink of choice on this trip.

In the end, after enjoying our last drink and being a bit giddy after all the Guinness and Jameson we drank that day, we came to the gift shop and, boy, does it have a lot to offer! You can choose to take away just a tasting of different Jameson Whiskeys or if you want something a bit more personalized, you can even hand fill your own bottle of the Jameson Select Reserve Cask Strength Black Barrel to keep as a memento! You even get to go down in the history books by logging your personalized bottle in the official ledger!

Overall, the Jameson experience was great and another definite recommendation for anyone travelling to Dublin. And, of course, if you are in Cork, consider visiting the actual Jameson Distillery, where Jameson Whiskey is being made to this date! We didn’t have a stop in Cork on this trip, but next time – for sure!

Having successfully accomplished what we set out to accomplish on day 3, we made our way back towards Temple Bar and finished some last minute shopping. We returned to Grafton Street and I made my last purchase at the Disney Store (I couldn’t help myself):

For our last dinner in Dublin (or what we thought would be our last – more to come on this 😉 ), we really REALLY wanted to go to O’Neill’s Bar and Restaurant on Suffolk Street but it was packed! Granted, it was a Friday night… There was not one seat available throughout all the levels of that place! It was insane! Sadly, we decided to leave and instead just had some warm takeaway and finished the last of our cheese and crackers from the night before!

We were incredibly sad that it was our last night in Dublin. Especially since there was still so much of this lively, vibrant city that we didn’t have the chance to explore yet! At least we definitely have a reason to come back again soon!

You might be wondering – why the early night? Especially on a Friday and for our last night in Dublin?!?! Well, we had to be up bright and early (and packed!) the following morning for our next adventure! We were excited to be embarking on our Shamrocker Adventures tour!! Day 4 brings the first day of our All Ireland Rocker Tour!!!

Stay tuned!

From Vancouver with Love,

Ioana and Natalie


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