Dublin – Round Two!

Sorry to report another hiatus… But we ARE excited to report that we are writing to you from Vernazza right now!



We will get back to blogging about Ireland and Scotland but we thought we would keep our readers, friends and families up to date with our current adventures! So here goes:

We flew into Dublin, after an exhausting day of planes and airports.


We had a layover in Calgary – where passengers bound for Cowtown disembarked the plane, but apparently we lost a passenger who was supposed to continue on with us to Toronto. We never found out what happened to this person… but eventually after hand checking the passenger manifest several times, we loaded up some new passengers and headed off to Toronto. At Toronto, we had a 4hr layover, so we managed to grab some dinner. The first airport restaurant we came upon was called Fionn MacCool’s!


Tired and hungry!

We took it as a sign that we were meant to be eating there!
It was airport restaurant food, so it wasn’t authentic Irish food or anything… but after two flights without any meal or snacks, we were ready for a meal.

After our dinner, we ventured to our gate to wait for our flight. I’d been trying really hard not to fall asleep the whole day, so I could adjust to Europe time. But it was getting really difficult now… (having been swamped with numerous rehearsals and wedding events and 3 ballet performances the week before we left, I was up until really late packing.) We were eagerly waiting to get on the plane, fall asleep and wake up perfectly adjusted to the local time in Ireland. And so we waited and waited… and eventually our boarding time passed without a plane being at the gate…

Finally about an hour late, we started boarding – an apparently new Airbus. It still had a bit of a new plane smell! We were seated at the very back of the plane, which we didn’t particularly mind. Except when the meals were being handed out! Both times, they had run out of a lot of food options by the time they got to us 😞 But we settled happily for a grilled vegetable sandwich!

Finally after a full day of travelling, we landed in Dublin. It is nice revisiting a city that you have been to before. You already know how to get around and you already have your bearings. So we grabbed our luggage, walked straight to the Airlink stand and off to the city centre we went!

Once we got off at our stop, we easily found our way to the Barnacles hostel.


We enjoyed our stay the last time we were in Dublin, so we decided to stay here again. Plus it was right in the city centre – a couple doors down from the Temple Bar and we could easily walk to wherever we needed to go.

Once we checked in and dropped off our things in our room, we headed out to wander Dublin. Since we had done most of the ‘tourist-y’ things last time around, we didn’t have many plans for our stay this time. Especially since we were only staying for a day and a bit… But we did have our list of things to check out and do: Grafton Street for the Disney store (of course), Murphy’s Ice Cream (which we first had in Dingle), drink Guinness (which tastes completely different in Ireland than at home) and listen to some trad music!

We checked off most of these things! (Food post to come next – because it deserves its own post!) We also leisurely wandered around to our old Dublin haunts…




Ha’penny Bridge






Dublin Castle




The iconic alley from “P.S. I Love You.”


Grafton Street!


The Disney Store! 😍


Back to the Old Storehouse for dinner!


We did scrutinize the technique and pour of the Guinness… but it was still good!


Gorgeous at night!

More snippets of our trip to come! In the meantime, check out our Instagram for more photographs!

Ioana and Natalie


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