Ladurée – Dublin

We’re back home in Vancouver – after enjoying our day in Dublin and our 2 weeks in Italy! Italy is so beautiful – with the breathtaking scenery, the incredible history and the amazing architecture. We didn’t want to leave! Having said that… we were itching to get back to the slightly cooler temperatures of Vancouver (Roma was 37C!!) and the refreshingly delicious water back home (The water anywhere else just doesn’t taste the same!!).

While we were in Italy, we – along with our backpacks (Mine is named Jamie Fraser…) got around by train quite a bit, which provided plenty of time for staring out at the window at the passing countryside, thinking, reflecting, napping and… even some blogging! But blogging with my little old smartphone made it harder to format posts and photographs, so I’m definitely happy to be back home and back on my laptop again! (Might have to figure out how to stuff the laptop into the backpack on our next trip!)

So without another long winded story, here’s our next post – started on the train ride from Firenze to Venezia!


After having ice cream from Murphy’s in Dublin, we stumbled upon a Ladurée down the street. It felt a bit strange to be having French macarons in Dublin, but when the shop was right there, we knew we had to stop in for a treat. Since we had just finished our ice cream, we decided to come back later that evening to try some of their famous macarons.

After doing some (window) shopping on Grafton Street, we wandered back to Ladurée.


They always have such lovely shops! This one was similar in decor to the one that I visited in Paris – but on a smaller scale. A Ladurée recently opened up in Vancouver but neither of us have had the chance to visit it yet.


We walked up to the counter, where were perhaps a dozen different flavours of macarons in the display case. Again, being very indecisive, it took us a while to settle on some flavours.

We finally ended up with these: Rose Petal, Marie Antoinette, Lemon and Strawberry Candy.

The Rose Petal:

This had a really distinctive rose flavour but it wasn’t overpowering at all. Soft and delicate – just like a rose!


The Marie Antoinette:

This was inspired by their Marie Antoinette tea, which is described as – “A delicious marriage of Chinese and Indian black teas combined with rose petals, citrus fruit and honey.” It had a strong tea flavour, which was very interesting to taste in a macaron. (It also had an interesting colour, which may have been what drew us to it initially!)


The Lemon:

This macaron had a nice and refreshing lemon flavour. It was enjoyable and classic but it wasn’t very special or unique.


The Strawberry Candy:

This was our favourite! It smelled like strawberries and candy and tasted even better! It had a strong strawberry flavour and the filling was marshmallow! The marshmallow filling was chewier and stretchy – different from the fillings of the other marcons. All in all, we enjoyed it and this macaron tasted very much like a strawberry marshmallow candy!


These macarons were the perfect early evening snack to tide us over to dinner! 🙂

If you want to try something different in Dublin, we definitely recommend going to Ladurée for a small treat 😉.

Ioana and Natalie


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