Shamrocker All Ireland Rocker Day 6: Slea Head Drive Part 2

Let’s take you back to the West Coast of Ireland and finish off our day on the Dingle Peninsula


After leaving our souls behind at Coumenoole Beach, we continued on the Slea Head Drive – leaving the Sleeping Giant behind.


The Sleeping Giant – pretty cool, eh?

Our next stop was Clogher Head (Not the same as ‘Clogherhead’ in County Louth!), where we had a nice view of the crashing waves, the beaches and the Three Sisters peaks in the background. Even though it had become stormy-looking, we didn’t mind it one bit! In fact, I thought it added to the atmosphere and the scenery.


This would probably look completely different on a sunny and calm day! But I kinda like it stormy! 😉



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Spotted some misty islands out there… Not sure which ones they are, though!


After enjoying the scenery, the stormy clouds and the waves, we piled back onto the bus for our next stop.


Next up was Inch Beach – a beautiful long stretch of sandy beach. If there were no clouds and it was bathed in bright sunshine, you would probably think this was somewhere tropical. But nope, this is Ireland and the Atlantic Ocean!


The beautiful view that greeted us as we stepped off the bus…


Just gorgeous – the sun even decided to make an appearance!



As the sun set against the backdrop of clouds, it made for some pretty special photographs!




And just like that… our adventures on the Slea Head Drive and the Dingle Peninsula were over. But we got some awesome photographs and memories with our travel mates out of it!


Review: What a spectacular drive this was!  The Dingle Peninsula and the Slea Head Drive are definitely worth a visit! The amazing scenery and the feeling of being immersed in nature on the Wild Atlantic Way is just amazing! We would love to return and spend more time here – maybe do some camping and hiking in the area. Although I don’t know if I would be brave enough to take on these winding and narrow roads…  To be honest, I would also probably get distracted by the gorgeous scenery and forget I was driving…

If driving is not an option, there are various guided tours that leave out of Dingle or Killarney – so that could work. Some people will hire a bike and cycle the Slea Head Drive! That would be a pretty cool adventure and workout! 

The Slea Head Drive is definitely something we would recommend if you are headed to the west coast of Ireland!

Have you driven the Slea Head Drive? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!


After an amazing day of adventures and exploring, we headed into Killarney for the last night of our All Ireland Rocker tour. It was too bad we only had the one night in Killarney. There seemed to be a lot in the area to discover and explore – from the Killarney National Park, the Ring of Kerry, the mountains, the lakes to the historic castles/houses in the area. And of course, we can’t forget about the Traditional Irish music and the pubs!

We stayed at Neptune’s Hostel in Killarney. It was nice, clean and central to everywhere we needed to be in Killarney.

That night, with Gillian leading us, we all trooped over to a restaurant for a group dinner. Then as a group, we wandered over to The Grand, where there was to be live music and a DJ as well.


Earlier that afternoon…. Gillian had a warning for us: the Checkered Shirt Brigade. She told us of the men in Killarney and their tradition of wearing… you guessed it – checkered shirts, to the Grand. It seems they must know when the backpacking tours get into Killarney and tend to come out in full force on those nights! They seem to have deduced that the ratio of males to females on these tours is a bit off and wanted to “balance” it out 😛 (We thought – belatedly, how funny it would be if we also wore our checkered shirts and what their reactions would be! Maybe next time!)

That night at the Grand, we did see some members of the Checkered Shirt Brigade but they didn’t give us much trouble!  There was a cover band that night and after they finished playing, we stepped into the adjacent room, which housed the nightclub. There was lots of dancing and grand craic to be had that night, which was perfect for our last night together!


Wandering back to the hostel through the quiet streets of Killarney in the middle of the night, with our ears ringing from the music, made us sad that the next day was the last day of our All Ireland Rocker Tour 😦

But! There were still adventures to be had on this last day – as we go in search of the “Gift of the Gab!” Stay Tuned for Day 7!

Ioana and Natalie

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