Ladurée – Vancouver

About 2 months ago, we stumbled upon a Ladurée while we were in Dublin. We just had to stop by for some French macarons in Ireland! 😝

Now that we are back home in Vancouver, we had to try the Ladurée here! Ladurée opened in Vancouver on March 24, 2016, to huge lineups! With that kind of hype and the tasty macarons that we had in Dublin, how could we not stop by the Vancouver Ladurée for a treat!

The shop is decorated like all the other Ladurée boutiques in the world, with the iconic pale green and gold colours throughout the shop and the display windows. It was all very whimsical, elegant and pretty! (And tempting!)

In the front part of the boutique is the pastry counter – cakes, sweet treats, chocolates and, of course, the world famous macarons placed neatly in colourful rows.

There were lots of tasty treats to choose from, but we were there for the macarons this time! With 15 different macarons flavours to choose from, it was difficult to choose! Here is the ‘menu’. Each macaron is priced at $3.15.

After some careful discussion ( 😉 ), we decided on 4 macarons to share.

The first two macarons were the Melon and the Cherry Blossom.

  • The Melon was a really light and refreshing treat – being the perfect macaron for a hot summer’s day!
  • The Cherry Blossom was really tasty as well – it had a floral flavour that was delicate but very distinctive!

Next we went for the Rum Vanilla and… the macaron that we loved in Ladurée Dublin – the Strawberry Candy Guimauve. Unfortunately we were a bit disappointed with these two. 😦

  • The Rum Vanilla almost tasted like rubbing alcohol to us. We couldn’t taste the rum or the vanilla, since the rubbing alcohol taste was so overwhelming.
  • We really liked the Strawberry Candy Guimauve macaron that we had in Dublin, but not so today. The guimauve filling (marshmallow) was actually really tough and chewy. Of course, the texture of a marshmallow filling will be different and not as smooth as a ganache, buttercream or jam filling. But this one was almost hard to bite through. Since the macarons are flown in from Paris and we are an ocean and an entire continent away, I wonder if that had anything to do with this macaron?! The taste of the meringue shell was still good though.

Behind the pastry counter, is the tea room. We didn’t sit in the tea room today but it looked to be very pretty, posh, prim and proper.

With our macarons in hand, we headed out of the pretty boutique and took one last peek at the window display.

And being the silly person that I am, I couldn’t help stopping for a photograph! I did forget my tutu and my pointe shoes at home though… Next time, I’ll come prepared with my ballet gear and stop for another photograph! I’m also missing a huge box of Ladurée goodies to hold over my head! So I’ll have to pick that up too!

Happy Foodie Friday!

From Vancouver with Love,

Ioana and Natalie


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