A Photowalk Through Calton Hill and New Town

After exploring Holyrood Park (and attempting to hike up Arthur’s Seat), we headed off to our next destination – Calton Hill. A lot of “classic Edinburgh” photographs are either taken from here or are photographs of Calton Hill.

It was a beautiful afternoon as we meandered our way slowly from Holyrood Park up to Calton Hill. I wonder how many steps we took on this day – with exploring Holyrood Palace and Abbey in the morning, Holyrood Park and Salisbury Crags in the afternoon, and now this! We should have definitely worn a pedometer to check!

Calton Hill was worth the trek though! We’ll let our photographs convince you 😆





The Nelson Monument, with the slightly obscured time ball – which drops at 1 o’clock


The National Monument of Scotland, which was left unfinished unfortunately due to the lack of funds. But it still has a nice facade!



An arabesque in Edinburgh 🙂


Love the shadows and the city skyline


Once we had had our fill of the scenery from the top of Calton Hill, we headed back down towards the New Town (Yup, more walking!)

Any guesses as to this iconic building?




This is the iconic Balmoral Hotel. What a grand looking building, with a gorgeous clock tower. Maybe one day we can save up enough to stay here… but for now, we just admired it from the outside.

There is apparently a suite here at the Balmoral Hotel that has J.K. Rowling’s mark on it. She reportedly wrote a message on a bust of Hermes in her room, marking it as the room where she finished writing the seventh and final book of her world famous Harry Potter series. So cool! (It reportedly costs a very COOL £1,000 per night to stay in this suite…)

As we continued on Princes Street, we came upon the famous Scott Monument.

Walking further, we came upon a familiar sight – Edinburgh Castle. This time, we were seeing it from yet another angle! It’s really cool that you could see the Castle from a different perspective, depending on where you are in the city.



The Royal Scots Greys Monument

As we were strolling down Princes Street, we noticed some of the shops were still open! So we wandered into some of them – from souvenir shops, clothing shops to drugstores. It’s always interesting to see what shops around the world carry! Like this…


We found Teddy! Anyone who has watched Mr. Bean will instantly recognize Teddy. LOVE Mr. Bean and Teddy! We should have bought Teddy and taken him through Scotland with us! I think he would’ve enjoyed it!


Our favourite purchase that day? An amazing dry shampoo that smells heavenly! And wouldn’t you know it – that particular scent is a limited edition. We have searched high and low for it at home (and even in Seattle!) but it seems like this scent is not sold anywhere near us.😞

As the sun began to set, we noticed our tummies grumbling. It was time to go in search of dinner! We decided to head back up to the Royal Mile and caught these stunning views of the city on our way back…


Looking out over East Princes Street Gardens on our way back to the Royal Mile! Gorgeous!

We took another couple flights of stairs to get back up to the Royal Mile. It was definitely a LEGS Day!

In the end, we ended up heading to Deacon Brodies Tavern for our dinner. Being in Edinburgh, we decided to pair our dinner with Crabbie’s Ginger Beer.


After a filling dinner, we walked it off by browsing around some of the shops on the Royal Mile before heading back to Castle Rock Hostel.

We had an exciting day ahead and it was also someone’s birthday – which called for a splurge and a celebration! 🎂🎉

From Vancouver with Love,

Ioana and Natalie


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