The Splurge!

While we were planning our Ireland and Scotland trip, we noticed that we would be in Edinburgh on Ioana’s birthday.

And that called for a celebration! So we searched for something special to do… something that would give us an excuse to get dressed up on a backpacking trip 😆 We thought of going to a nice place for Afternoon Tea, going for a nice dinner somewhere or a spa day, but those were all things that we could do at home. We wanted something a bit more special – since we were in Scotland after all.

When we came upon a package deal from Dalhousie Castle, we knew that would be our splurge for the trip!

The deal cost £300 for 2 people and included one night bed and breakfast stay, 2 spa treatments, use of the spa facilities, a 3 course dinner for 2 and drinks at the Dungeon Restaurant. We thought it was a good deal for a splurge, considering what was included in the package.

Plus! This was our chance to stay in a real CASTLE! Dalhousie Castle – a castle that reportedly dates back to the 13th century and holds the title of the “Oldest Inhabited Castle” in Scotland. If only those bricks could talk!

We excitedly booked our stay for Dalhousie Castle. We were looking forward to taking a break from staying in hostels and pampering ourselves for one night!


After a busy Day 2 in Edinburgh, we were ready for a bit of relaxation and luxury on Day 3! But first, we had to get to Dalhousie…

Dalhousie is a little ways outside of Edinburgh, near the town of Bonnyrigg. But it is accessible via public transit – we took Bus 31 towards Bonnyrigg and got off at Brixwold Bank. The bus journey took about 30 minutes. From there, it was a 15 min walk down the B704 to Dalhousie Castle.

Or you could always take a cab there, especially if you have lots of luggage. We were able to leave most of our luggage behind at our hostel, since we were only staying at Dalhousie for one night.

So, with our small day bags in hand, we headed off to the bus stop on North Bridge.

It was another lovely fall morning in Edinburgh. While we waited for our bus, we got another chance to admire the views and architecture of the buildings around us.



Calton Hill just looks beautiful from any direction!



The Balmoral and its clock tower


We boarded the bus and tried to confirm with the bus driver that our stop was on his route. He unfortunately wasn’t sure! Fortunately for us, another passenger informed us that we were on the right bus. He was even kind enough to let us know when our stop was coming up!

Once we got off the bus, we started the leisurely walk towards our castle – yup, I said ‘our’ 😉

There were helpful signs along the way. The walk wasn’t long, hilly or difficult but the sidewalk is very narrow on parts of the walk, so if you have large rolling suitcases, taking a cab might be a better idea!


Here we are – turning into our Castle!


Definitely felt like we were approaching a fine estate!

We even made a new friend on our way to the Castle. This friendly horse was just grazing leisurely in a pasture by the road.

Here’s the first glimpse of the Castle from the road…


And once you rounded the bend towards the Castle, you are greeted with this…

It just gets better as we drew closer and closer to the red brick building.

Here is Dalhousie Castle. What a beautiful Castle – with the design, the ivy climbing up its walls and the flag of Scotland flying proudly atop the Castle.

Now… there was another reason we chose Dalhousie Castle. It has a wee Canadian connection!

Dalhousie Castle was the previous seat of the Earls of Dalhousie – chief of Clan Ramsay. In the early 1800’s, George Ramsay, the 9th Earl of Dalhousie, was the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (a Canadian province) and later was also the Governor General of British North America. While he was in Nova Scotia, he founded Dalhousie University – which exists to this date. Once we found this little Canadian connection, we knew we had to stay at Dalhousie Castle!

The decision to stay here was also made easier by the romantically beautiful castle! The photographs on the website are great, but to see it in person was even better!

The beautiful drum tower, which is reportedly the oldest part of the current castle.

After checking in, we were scheduled to celebrate Ioana’s birthday with Afternoon Tea!

We were a little early though and they weren’t open yet, so we decided to take a stroll around the castle.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Castle Steward and piper – Andrew, who was so welcoming and friendly. He told us a little bit about the castle and its history, the wedding that was to be held here the next day and applauded me on the correct way I pronounced Edinburgh! (Who knew!)

Since it was a gorgeous day, we wandered outside for a glimpse of the castle grounds.

Here is the Orangery – where we would be having Afternoon Tea later on.

To continue the tradition started in Ireland, there was also to be some gazing at Dalhousie!

Just gazing…

And more gazing…

Since we decided Afternoon Tea would be our lunch, we had only eaten one meal that day so far. By this time, we were feeling a bit hungry! Good thing when we were walking down the Royal Mile to the bus stop this morning, we were tempted to purchase some shortbread cookies at a souvenir shop! Ever since I was a little girl, Walkers has always been my go-to for shortbread (I’m guessing some nostalgia and childhood memories factor into this decision!) And this pack wasn’t just ordinary shortbread – they were mini Scottie dogs! Cute – almost too cute to eat!


But we were hungry… so to tide us over until Afternoon Tea, we broke open a pack of the Mini Scottie Dogs and enjoyed some shortbread in the sunshine, with a view of the castle grounds.


We couldn’t resist taking more photographs of and with this beautiful castle.

After a couple more selfies with our Castle as the backdrop, the Orangery was open and it was time for the celebratory Birthday Tea!

From Vancouver with Love,

Ioana and Natalie


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