Channeling Rapunzel 2.0

I’m hijacking this blog for something personal!

This is not a travel related post, so if you’re not interested, skip this one. We’ll get you back to our Scotland adventures soon – I promise!


I know how fortunate I am to have my health, have a roof over my head, enough food to eat and the company of my family and loved ones… but we are all one accident, one diagnosis, one mistake, one second away from a completely different life.

So I choose to try and make a difference where I can and while I still can.

I try my bestest to be kind, to smile and to be open-hearted. I donate blood as often as I can (my next donation is November 27th!) and I’ve signed up to be on the stem cell registry.

Aside… If you are eligible to donate blood, please consider signing up to be a blood donor. Donors of all blood types are always needed – plus you get the added bonus of finding out your blood type AND you get cookies after your donation! Who can resist cookies?! The Canadian Blood Services website is here. Information about signing up to donate stem cells can be accessed here.

Two years ago, I chopped off 12 inches of my hair and donated it to Wigs for Kids BC. Wigs for Kids BC, in collaboration with BC Children’s Hospital, raises money year-round to provide free custom-fitted human-hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer or other serious illnesses. The program also helps cover the costs of essential drugs and feeding supplies for children that are not covered by MSP.

Before and after in 2015!

Since then, I’ve been channeling Rapunzel again and haven’t cut my hair. Well, I’ve had maybe 2 trims but haven’t cut it significantly. And now it’s time for a LONG overdue hair cut!

In January 2017, Wigs for Kids BC will once again be having its annual fundraiser – The Hennessey Hair “Do”. It was a lot of fun when I participated 2 years ago! I had been planning to participate again, but a last minute trip means I won’t be in town for that weekend! But regardless, I will be cutting my hair this coming January, donating my ponytail and raising pledges and donations for Wigs for Kids BC! And I’m going to need YOUR help!

Why donate hair?

Your appearance and how you see yourself are so closely linked. Especially when you are a child or teenager. Whether it is the latest fashion trend, most popular backpack or the coolest hairstyle, you always want to fit in. (Or at least that’s the way I felt when I was in elementary and high school!) Now imagine you are a child or teen who has lost all of your hair because of a medical condition or after undergoing cancer treatment. I can understand how you might feel anxious, scared, self conscious, strange, different, abnormal… I know some people make light of the situation and say “it’s just hair and it will grow back soon”. But to that child or teen, it is NOT just hair – it is much more than that. Even though it is “just hair” and it “will grow back”, your hair is a part of your appearance and can really affect how you see yourself, how you feel about yourself and your confidence. I’m all for embracing yourself and your appearance, but if having a wig helps someone feel less anxious, less scared, less self conscious, less strange, a bit more normal and if it helps someone return to school, their friends and family, their extracurricular activities and most importantly – return to living life to the fullest, then I would support it 100%. So that’s my inspiration for donating my hair.

Why Wigs for Kids BC?

In addition to providing wigs, the Wigs for Kids BC program also provides funding for medications and nutrition feeding supplies for children. These essential supplies are not covered by the government and can really add up. For example, tube feeding supplies must be changed often for safety and proper hygiene. This means the monthly costs for this can be very high. As a healthcare provider, I know these supplies are necessary to optimize a child’s recovery and health. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for parents to support their child, attending appointments and treatments, while working to provide for the family and to cover this extra cost for essential medications and feeding supplies. It is great that Wigs for Kids BC is able to help with this cost, meaning parents can spend more of their time and energy on providing love, care and support to their child.

Channeling Rapunzel – Before

Here’s my hair now, with one and a half more months to grow! How short am I going to cut it? You’ll have to donate, wait and see! 😉

I’m asking if you have the means, to please help support this cause. There’s no set limit for your donation. If everyone I know through my 3 blogs, my 2 Instagram accounts, my Twitter, my Facebook and in real life (HA!) donated $1, that would still be a significant donation when it gets pooled together! Every little bit counts!

Here’s my fundraising site, where you can donate securely to this cause.

And I don’t normally do this… but my birthday is coming up in a couple of days! And it would make me SO happy if you would support my fundraising efforts for Wigs for Kids BC.

Although this won’t cure cancer or other medical conditions and it may not be much but if I am able to help even one child and his/her family through my hair donation and YOUR pledges, then I think that is pretty special and worthwhile!

Thank you and I hope to see YOUR name on the “Thank You” scroll on my fundraising page soon!



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