Iceland 2017!

Happy New Year everyone!

We are starting off 2017 with a trip! We are MORE than ready for some exploring and adventures, since it has been a while since our most recent overseas trip to Italy – last year… 2016… (I’m still scribbling out 2016’s or trying to artfully transform the 6 into a 7 😋) And we’ve been diligently saving money and vacation days for this exact purpose!

Our destination for this first trip of 2017?


It does seem like everyone around the world is jumping on the Visit-Iceland-Bandwagon. Even my parents have a trip to Iceland planned for later this year! So we are excited to see for ourselves the wonders of this epic country. We can’t ever resist waterfalls, mountains and gorgeous landscapes!

We got an offer from Icelandair – that includes flights from Seattle into Reykjavik, accommodations and two sightseeing tours. We have also signed up for a couple of other sightseeing tours – to make the most of our time in Iceland and to take in the incredible nature and landscape. I’m also eager to learn more about this country, its history, traditions and customs, its food and how they’ve got this using-renewable-resources bit all sorted out!

I think it’ll be interesting to visit in January and see majestic Iceland in the winter. We are hoping to be able to catch the Aurora Borealis but knowing that it is an unpredictable natural phenomenon and that weather conditions need to be favourable, we are not holding our breath! (We ARE crossing our fingers and hoping for luck to be on our side!)

Seeing Iceland in January will certainly be different compared to a visit in the spring or summer. We would love to return at a different time of the year and take a road trip around Iceland on the Ring Road. It would give us an opportunity to explore other parts of the country on our own time and perhaps take a path less traveled!

Another thing on my bucket list for a return visit? Snorkeling and seeing the Sifra fissure – where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are drifting apart slowly every single year. It would be amazing to see this incredible underwater world and to learn more about this geological process! Besides, how else can I say I’ve swam between 2 continents?

Sidenote: Who else does this? Planning a return trip when you haven’t even gone on your first visit yet? 

Well, we will be off to Seattle bright and early tomorrow to catch our Icelandair flight to Keflavik Airport. Follow along on our adventures on Instagram! If you have any recommendations of places to see and restaurants or cafes to eat at in Reykjavik, drop us a line!

From Vancouver with Love,

Ioana and Natalie


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