Temple Bar, Dublin


The Temple Bar Pub – taken September 17, 2015

This Postcard of Wanderlust was taken during the quieter daytime hours at the Temple Bar Pub.

The Temple Bar area is known for being a cultural capital of Dublin, with many studios, galleries and theatres in the area. It is also known for its nightlife. There are many pubs and eateries lining the streets in this area, with much of the party spilling out into the streets. Yes, it is quite touristy and the prices are reflective of this. And the crowds can sometimes be too raucous and obnoxious. But, we still think it is something to be experienced when you are in Dublin. Take a leisurely and quiet(er!) stroll during the day to admire the buildings, take in views of the River Liffey and to snap some photographs of the iconic Temple Bar – like we did. Then return at night to experience the nightlife that the Temple Bar area is known for.

There is live music every single night in every pub here. The music would flow out to the street and we found ourselves walking and singing through Temple Bar.  The music is infectious – you can’t help but tap your foot, clap your hands and really get into it. We really miss this! And it wasn’t even just the live music – it was the fact that everyone in the pub would sing along. Even though we didn’t know many of the Traditional Irish songs that were being sung, we caught on to the chorus and sang that as loud as we could, along with the rest of the pub. And this didn’t end with the pubs in Temple Bar or Dublin. Every pub we went to in Ireland was the same way – full of life, music, clapping and singing. And, after enough pints, there was even some dancing! 😉

This is one of the things we miss most about Ireland.

From Dublin with Love,

Ioana and Natalie

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